Canadian Rocky Mountains

Depicted here, erectile
the Canadian Rocky mountains under the wing of a Virgin Atlantic 747, carrying me to California where I am now based until December, in the vast Mountain View Googleplex. Been here a week now, and its slightly distressing how quickly I have adjusted to the California way of life. Already I am driving into work everyday to an air conditioned office, and have almost stopped drinking entirely. While the Google food in Dublin is really excellent, the cafes here put it to shame.
After several years of trying to make it happen I finally made it to the DNA lounge on Sunday night, hospital
to a live show with band described by Jamie as “a bunch of guys with pineapples on their heads”. The band were really not my kind of thing, there
but the DJs were pretty good. It was not that easy to get a feel for how the place is on a regular club night, but overall I was glad I went. Should be able to make it down for Meat in a couple of weeks.